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Concrete Centennial Celebration

The Town of Concrete marked its 100-year anniversary on Saturday, May 9, 2009.

The area that is now the Town of Concrete was originally two settlements located at the convergence of the Baker and Skagit Rivers in the northern Cascade Mountains. The settlement on the west side of the Baker River was originally known as Minnehaha. The east side of the river was known as Baker. The initial settlers to the area relied upon the timber from the mountains to build their homes and run their mills. The settlers soon discovered that the mountains yielded more important products, limestone and clay. The settlers of Minnehaha changed the name of the town to Cement City when the Washington Portland Cement Plant began construction in 1905. The production of cement was so profitable that a second company, the Superior Portland Cement Company opened for business in 1908. The influence of these companies was so great that when the two towns were incorporated into a single town in 1909, they named the town after their most important business, Concrete.