Welcome to Concrete

Welcome to Concrete

Location: The Town of Concrete is located in the northeastern region of Skagit County, Washington.

Form of Government: Mayor-Council
Incorporation Date: May 8, 1909
Population: 710 (2010 Local Census)
Area: Approximately 1.2 square miles

The Town of Concrete's Public Records Officer is also the Clerk-Treasurer. Please direct inquiries on public information request to the Clerk-Treasurer, you can go to the Forms link on the left-hand side of this page to download a Public Records Request Form. You may fax, mail, drop-off or e-mail this form to the Clerk Treasurer.

Town of Concrete Clerk Treasurer and Public Records Officer Andrea Fichter can be reached at:
Phone: (360)853-8401
Fax: (360)853-8002
Mail: P.O. Box 39, Concrete WA 98237
Email: andreaf@concretewa.gov

Current Contracts:

The Town of Concrete currently contracts with the following firms for certain services:

Legal Services - Fairhaven Legal Associates
On-Call Engineering Services - Reichhardt & Ebe Engineering
Towing Services - Daves Towing
Law Enforcement Services - Skagit County Sheriff

For further information on these or other services please contact the Concrete Town Hall at 360.853.8401.

Helpful Phone Numbers:

Upper Skagit County Resource Center: (360)853-7009
Upper Skagit County Library: (360)853-7939
Skagit County Flood Hotline: (360)419-3425
Puget Sound Energy: (888)225-5773
Concrete Post Office: (360)853-8311
Sauk Transfer Station: (360)853-8810
Waste Management: (800)592-9995


STOP BY TOWN HALL AND PURCHASE YOURS TODAY, ONLY $10.00 EACH. If you wish to purchase by mail please contact the Concrete Town Hall at (360)853-8401.

Photos for this page submitted courtesy of the Concrete Herald